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I admire Ms. Tsuno, who is beautiful and strict at work. And I worked with Mr. Tsuno without even being able to admit it. Today I will work with Tsuno-san again. However, things didn't go well and I went back to the company and got a quote. Before I knew it, there were only Tsuno-san and I in the company. Before I knew it, it was late. I bought dinner and alcohol at a convenience store, and as I drank and talked to Mr. Tsuno, it became a private conversation. Just when I was about to say that I liked Mr. Tsuno, the power went out. I was so excited by Mr. Tsuno who hugged me that I got hard. Electricity was restored and we decided to stay at the company. I woke up to the sound of the shower, and when I peeked, Mr. Tsuno was comforting me...

MOND-252 Mistress's lust
MOND-252 Mistress's lust
 Movie Code: MOND-252 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Tsuno Miho 
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