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She used to be an excellent employee, but she fell in love with her boss and quickly got married. From then on, she became a housewife, staying at home to take care of her husband and children. Since giving birth, her husband no longer exists. make love to her. Fast forward ten years, her son is about to grow up, and she also wants to forget her own sexual desires. But Hanazawa Himari, Hinako's best friend, turned her life to a new chapter. Kaho is a housewife, but very talented, she runs a beauty care company while also taking care of her ten year old son. Seeing Hinako planning to forget her desires about her own sexuality, Kaho shared her secret with her best friend. It turns out Hanazawa Himari is looking for a partner on a dating app! She arranged to meet young men, coming together for sexual satisfaction. At first Hinako considered this to be a very dirty thing, but when her husband treated her coldly, she decided to find someone else. to confide, but the conversation quickly turned into sex. Gradually discovered the true pleasure of sex. She and Hanazawa Himari and their partners even invited each other to go to the hot springs and had an unforgettable night of debauchery together!

MIAA-890 My girlfriend's slutty sisters
MIAA-890 My girlfriend's slutty sisters
 Movie Code: MIAA-890 
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